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Hi Everyone, PLEASE  read below, we really need your help!

We are a small group of people from Bulgaria, and Diana is one of our best friend and classmate. Our goal is to raise money to be able to pay for Diana's stem cell transplantation surgery in Turkey.

In our country we don't have a high technology cancer center, where the patient receives proper care starting from screening, diagnostic all the way to surgery and most important post surgery treatments.

These procedures are very important for anyone diagnosed with cancer. Not having a cancer center is the reason why the treatments of the ones diagnosed with leukemia in Bulgaria are so unsuccessful in terms of survival.

The level of cancer advancement in Bulgaria is very poor and people are unable to be treated properly when they get sick. Unofficial data readings show that more than 98% of post cancer diagnosed patients in Bulgaria end up dying.

In continuation with the reason above Bulgaria has the highest rate of cancer deaths among the European Union. Diana was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago after so many misdiagnoses. She went through therapies such as chemo and radiation.

Some of Diana's medications and treatments were prescribed incorrectly, but after all the treatments, they were able to control the spread and Diana is currently in remission. Now is the perfect time to proceed with cell transplant surgery so she can get back to healthy living, cancer free.

It's sad to mention this, but without this type of surgery she won't be able to make it very far. The total cost of the surgery is $110000. For 2 weeks we were able to raise $6350. You can check the current fundraising balance on our Facebook page and Website. With your help, it's guaranteed we can save our friend Diana, and her 10-year-old boy will be able to have her by his side growing up. We all would like to thank you so much for your help!

Diana's PayPal account is dtoneva13@abv.bg OR https://www.paypal.me/DianaToneva

Donation campaign: DMS DIANA

Website: www.save-didi.com

IBAN: BG45UNCR70001522882576
BIC: UNCRBGSF - Unicredit Bulbank
Diana Encheva Toneva

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